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truckMany non-organic growers use chemicals to fertilize and treat plant diseases and pests.  These chemicals leave residue on plants inside and out.  Instead of spraying for bugs, we release “beneficial” insects to deal with the “bad bugs.”  Each of our plants is grown in an organic certified soil blend.  This custom blend has taken us four years to perfect, ensuring the highest amount of essential oil and taste in each herb and green.  Hydroponically grown herbs can not compare in flavor or nutrition to their soil grown counterparts.  Organic growing is sometimes more difficult, but the rewards surely outweigh the extra effort.

Gilbertie’s is a 4th generation family owned store that has been in Westport for 90 years! Providing certified organic products all over the north east. They serve the community through generous donations to local gardens, charities and schools and many free lectures and classes on the importance of growing organically to preserve our world and to be more healthy.

Largest herb plant grower on the East Coast with greenhouses and gift shop surrounded by theme gardens providing an experience for both the casual gardener and serious botanist. Offer annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs, statuary, tropical plants, fish, pottery, fall pumpkin picking and hay rides, Christmas trees, decorations and pond supplies, and ornaments. Demonstrations, lectures and workshops

What Martha has to say about Sal’s 5th book, “Small-Plot, High-Yield Gardening”…
“Whether you have a real garden or just a window box, I can think of no better guide to creating a sustainable herb and vegetable garden than Sal Gilbertie.  For more than 30 years I have turned to Sal for healthy, productive plants.  With this useful and informative book, he can help you, too, cultivate your garden.”  – Martha Stewart, Celebrity Author, Chef & Lifestyle Guru