Gilbertie's 2012 Calendar of Events

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  • Saturday, February 25th
  • Petite Edibles
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

Did you know we have a brand new product? Gilbertie’s Certified Organic ”Petite Edibles”. Come, learn the benefits of these wonderful chef-preferred, young, harvested herbs and greens that are packed with incredible flavor. They’re crisp, fresh and very nutritious. Sal will show you how they’re grown and explain the differences between “micro”, “petite”, and “baby” greens. Plus delicious recipes and samples for you to try. Don’t miss our new introduction!

  • Saturday, March 3rd
  • Intro To Tree Whispering
    Touching, Healing and Communicating with Trees, Plants, & All of Nature
  • 10:00am - 12:00pm - $15. - reservation is required

We are so excited to have Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander back with us again this year after their inspiring and wonderful full day workshop last spring. Dr. Conroy focused on our 95 year old lemon tree when we told him about the decline in its health. He recommended making the tree more of a show case item, telling more people about it and installing a plaque with photos and a history of the tree. Well, needless to say, after following Dr. Conroy’s suggestions and sprucing up the back of the greenhouse the lemon tree produced more than 200 lemons this fall! I guess all the tree wanted was a little recognition, and glory!!! Do you love trees? Do you talk to your plants? “Step inside their world” and experience connecting with a live plant’s growth energy during a guided visualization exercise. Learn to recognize the signs of a tree’s decline and get the list of the top 12 tree and plant stressors. Tree whispering is a simple and inspiring experience of intuitive communication with trees, plants and all of nature. This is an event not to miss!!! There will also be a “hands on” bonus experience at 12pm after the lecture.

  • Saturday, March 3rd
  • Herb Gardening From The Ground Up
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

We are so excited about Sal Gilbertie's newest book. If you’ve ever read Sal’s books “Herb Gardening at its Best” or “Kitchen Herbs” then you know why we’re so excited! Truly the herb gardener’s bible with everything you need to know about growing herbs, as well as dozens of garden designs to suit every taste and trend. Join Sal today for an overview of the book and book signing this afternoon.

  • Saturday, March 10th
  • Grow your Own
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

Come and join our own Joe Gloria today for a seed starting class that will show you how to successfully start and transplant seedlings for a great garden this year. Joe will also go over succession seed starting to extend your growing season well into the fall season. We will also be introducing Justin Freiberg along with his new product, Bio Char, the newest soil enricher for your veggies and flower beds. Bring your questions and seed catalogs let’s get growing!!

  • Saturday, March 17th
  • Composting and Your Garden
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

This is the class to learn how to turn kitchen scraps into “gold”. Joe Gloria will show us how to “get things cooking!” If you compost now or never have, come pick up some helpful tips on how to compost and make your own beautiful rich compost for your garden.

  • Saturday, March 24th
  • Dr. Earth: Soil Nutrition for Abundance in Your Garden
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

Drew Miller from the Dr. Earth Company will show a PowerPoint presentation of how soil microbes and mycorrhizae create ideal soil conditions for your flower, shrubs and vegetables. Drew will also show you the importance of micronutrients which provide healthier plants. Bring all your questions and Drew will provide the solutions! All Dr. Earth products are 100% natural and organic. People and pet safe too!!

  • Saturday, March 31st
  • Woody Landscape Plants
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

We welcome Chris Valley from Prides Corner Farms today for a talk about some of the newer shrub cultivars that will be available this year at Gilbertie’s. Some key attributes we will discuss are landscape use, ease of maintenance and hardiness as well as pruning, planting and transplanting techniques. Come with your questions, Chris really knows his shrubs!!

  • Saturday, April 7th
  • Spring Organic Vegetable Gardening Workshop
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

Come learn all of the steps and techniques for growing your own vegetables. All size gardens will be discussed, from raised beds as small as 100 sq. feet to a larger 3000 sq. foot garden which can produce up to $8,000 worth of organic veggies. Sal Gilbertie and Joe Gloria will teach you all you need to know and more, so bring your notepad and a pencil.

  • Saturday, April 14th
  • Container Herb Garden Workshop
  • 1:30pm - Fee for herbs & container - reservation is required

Always wanted an Herb garden but just don’t have the space? Today we will plant a kitchen herb garden in a pot for adding a burst of flavor to your meals. Learn the proper care of your herbs, their uses, and ways to store and preserve them. Fee determined upon selection of herbs and container.

  • Sunday, April 14th
  • Childrens Gardening Workshop
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

Join us for this fun workshop with Amy McCormick of Daniel’s Plant Food. This hands-on workshop will allow you and your child the rewarding experience that gardening brings to the family. Amy will discuss how growing tasty fruits and veggies along with pretty flowers will create interest and confidence in your child’s gardening.

  • Saturday, April 21st
  • Alpine Trough Gardening Workshop
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

Lori Davis of Sunny Border Nurseries in Kensington Ct. joins us today for the ever popular gardening trend of trough gardening. Lori will guide us through the irresistible world of miniature plants and Alpines, soil requirements and how to grow and maintain this fun gardening trend. Plants and troughs will be available for sale and Lori will be on hand to help you from start to a beautiful and care-free finish.

  • Saturday, April 21st
  • Organics vs. Synthetics
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

We welcome back Rick Stecher, owner of Country Fare LLC and master gardener extraordinaire, to show us why an organic approach to gardening and yard maintenance is preferable to a conventional synthetic approach. You will save money in the long run, have better looking yards and healthier plants and properties. Learn how to be organic, not just “green”. Rick has taught these unique methods for some twenty five years and today he will be sharing them with you!! FREE 1:30pm Please call to reserve your seat.

  • Sunday, April 22nd
  • Earth Day and Organic Lawn Day at Gilbertie’s
  • 1:00pm - Free - reservation is required

Seeds man Tony Langlois from the Jonathan Green Company will show us how to transform our lawns into showstoppers, naturally. Come learn how to over seed, re-grade and feed your lawn safely with Jonathan Green pet and child friendly products.

  • Saturday, April 28th
  • I Always Promised You a Rose Garden
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

One of the most treasured and loved flowers in the world, the Rose, is Herb of the year for 2012. Roses continue to impress and gratify us, lifting our spirits and making us smile, the symbol of love and virtue and deeply treasured for their scent and flavor. Let Sal Gilbertie help you choose the right roses for you, learn the differences between grafted and non, heritage or hybrid, most common diseases and the best growing and cultivation practices available. We’ll help you grow your way to that rose garden you’ve always wanted. The wonderful International Herb Association’s 250 page Rose book will also be available today for purchase.

  • Saturday, May 5th
  • Home Grown Tomatoes
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

“There's nothing in the world like home grown tomatoes” and so many to choose from! Sal Gilbertie will explain the very best varieties for your particular garden space, how to get 20 plus lbs. from each plant and which varieties taste the best. Everything you need to know to have your very own and very best homegrown tomatoes.

  • Saturday, May 12th
  • Calling All Containers!
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

Today’s workshop is a must for anyone wanting to learn the simple, easy steps to a beautiful container masterpiece to enjoy all season. Bring your containers or choose from a great selection here at the garden center. Let the pros guide you through the entire process, from start to finish, using the newest and coolest thrillers, fillers, and spillers available, and the best advice for achieving the most beautiful, vigorous container designs you could ever imagine! Whether you have full blazing sun or no sun at all, this is a great hands-on workshop. It’s not a lecture - prepare to get your hands dirty!!!

  • Saturday, May 19th
  • Perennial Day with Amadio Telesco
  • 10:00am – 2:00pm - Free - Please call to sign up for 30 minute consultations.

Sign up for a free consultation with perennial expert Amadio Telesco of Cavano’s Perennials. Bring your garden plans, photos and all of your questions for a one-on-one consultation. Amadio will help with layout and design of new planting beds as well as help provide suggestions for filling in spaces in your existing beds. Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis so sign up early as we only get him for one day!

  • Saturday, May 26st
  • Plant a Few for the Red, White, and Blue
  • 1:30pm - Fee based on plants & container- reservation is required

This will be a fun workshop today as we all get ready for the Memorial Day weekend. Our color theme is - yes, you guessed it - red, white and blue! Plant a fun, colorful container today for your front entrance or patio to show your patriotism! Also a great centerpiece for your outdoor table at the barbeque.

  • Saturday, June 2nd
  • Raising Rabbits and Chickens
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

At one time Sal Gilbertie raised as many as 200 rabbits. He will show you everything you need to know about raising rabbits and chickens for the best garden manure ever. Learn how to build your own cage, easy care practices and the various breeds available. This will be a very interesting and fun talk.

  • Saturday, June 9th
  • Keeping Your Summer Vegetable Garden Going
  • 1:30pm - Free - reservation is required

Join us for this informative talk about ways to have continual summer salads and lot’s more of great tasting veggies all summer long- even up to Thanksgiving! Sal Gilbertie and Joe Gloria will explain all of the techniques for successive plantings and harvesting throughout the summer and fall months.

  • Saturday, June 16th
  • Fathers Day Sale
  • All Day!

Come in with your Dad and save! With every 3 perennial or shrub purchase we’ll give him one FREE!!!

  • Saturday, June 23rd
  • Garden Walkthrough and Tour
  • 1:30pm - Free

Join the Gilbertie staff for a stroll through the display gardens. We will discuss design ideas, color combinations, companion planting, re-seeding and harvest practices. Bring your sun hat and all your questions for this fun outing.

  • Saturday & Sunday, June 30th and July 1st
  • Two-Day Blowout Sale
  • Gates Open at 8:00am Saturday

Our famous half-price sale is something you don't want to miss and it's definitely worth the crowds. All plants are half price this Saturday and Sunday only. We even restock for Sunday. A few tips: arrive early, bring your own cart, bring a partner to guard your cart (yes, unfortunately) and last but not least - be patient!!

  • No scheduled Classes This Month
  • No scheduled Classes This Month
  • Saturday, September 15th
  • Fall Veggies
  • 1:30pm - $10. - reservation is required

Fall is a great time to plant cooler season crops. We will show you what to do with the Fall seedlings now available. Bring your questions as Sal will be with us today!!

  • Saturday, September 22nd
  • Cold Frame Gardening for Winter Crops - Think “Inside” the Box
  • 1:30pm - $10. - reservation is required

Learn how you can extend your harvest beyond “the growing season”. It’s easy and economical and the result is a fresh harvest of home grown veggies well into the colder weather.

  • Saturday, September 29th
  • Time for Terrariums
  • 1:30pm - $25. - reservation is required

The art of gardening within a glass container is making a revival. Join us for a hands-on class creating your own indoor miniature garden. Container, soil and plants are provided for the class.

  • Saturday, September 30th
  • Medicinal Herb Walk
  • 11:00am - 3:00pm - $25. - reservation is required

Back again by popular demand, we are excited to have Dr. Eugene Zampieron, or Dr. Z as we all have come to know him, and The Natural Nurse, Ellen Kamhi, for a great afternoon of identifying, gathering and processing edible and medicinal plants we will find on our hike. You will take part in making healing salves, cough medicine, tinctures and smudge sticks which you will take home. This is a fun afternoon full of adventure, spiritual healing and natural medicine. Please dress according to the day’s weather.

  • October 6th
  • Fresh Herb Wreath Workshop
  • 1:30pm - $35. per person - reservation is required

We will be using fresh, harvested herbs from the fields today to create a beautiful, fragrant, usable herb wreath for your kitchen or to decorate your home that will last for months to come. Put your creativity to work today, it’s a great class!

  • October 13th
  • Backyard Chickens
  • 1:30pm - $10. - reservation is required

Interested in raising chickens? Sal says they’re easy and fairly inexpensive to maintain, you get eggs that are fresh and nutritious, they offer chemical free bug and weed control, they manufacture the world’s best fertilizer and they’re fun and friendly pets with great personality! You’ll learn where to get chicks and how to care for them. The best coop designs and the best breeds will be discussed!

  • October 20th
  • No Schedule

  • October 27th
  • Pumpkin Picking and Carving
  • 11:00am - 3:30pm

Why make a big mess at home when the kids can make one here? Take a tractor ride out back to the pumpkin field, pick your pumpkins and bring them back to the greenhouse to carve - it’s as easy as that!

  • November 3rd
  • For the Birds
  • 1:30pm - $10. per child - reservation is required

A fun afternoon for the kids!! We’ll be making some tasty treats for the birds today like orange rind birdseed baskets and hanging ornaments to feed our feathered friends. Join us for a great children’s workshop to help teach kids that caring for our planet includes helping all our animal friends who live around us.

  • November 10th
  • Herbal Thanksgiving Recipes
  • 1:30pm - $10. - reservation is required

Join us today for some delicious herbal recipes you can make for the holiday or every day. Herbs add a special, unique flavor to many dishes and Sal is here with a few of his finest recipes.

  • November 17th
  • Indoor Kitchen Gardening
  • 1:30pm - $10. - reservation is required

Agriculture doesn’t get more local than your own kitchen! Come listen and learn how to save money and improve your nutrition. Sprouts & micro greens are the “soup of the day.” Joe Gloria will be here showing us how to get seed to salad in 1 week.

  • November 24th
  • Christmas Wreath Workshop
  • 1:30pm - $55. per person - reservation is required
  • Space Is Limited to 25 - Sign Up Early!

Our most popular winter workshop is back! We will guide you through the construction of a fragrant evergreen holiday wreath from a beautiful selection of greenery, herbs and berries. You will be proud to display your masterpeice on your front door or mantel for the holiday season.

  • December 1st
  • Christmas Open House
  • 10:00am - 4:00pm

Join us for our Annual Christmas Open House. Brimming with all you need for your holiday decorating, we will be fully stocked with beautiful trees, wreaths, garlands and gifts. Enjoy delicious food and drink while carolers and string quartets sing and play among the great assortment of flowering plants, topiary and tropical houseplants in the greenhouse. Today will truly get you into the Christmas spirit!

  • December 8th
  • Winter Farmer's Market
  • 10:00am - 2:00pm

The Westport Farmers’ market returns to Gilbertie’s today and we’ll have Steve Meyerwitz, The Sproutman, with us. Sproutman will demonstrate growing your own fresh organic foods in 1 week, seed to salad. Agriculture doesn’t get more local than your own kitchen! Be sure to bring your bags and stock up on produce, eggs, meat, baked goods, coffee as well, and best of all - you support your local farmers!

  • December 15th
  • Boxwood Tree Workshop
  • 1:30pm - $30. - reservation is required

Enjoy the warm greenhouse, sipping hot herbed cider while creating your own boxwood tree. We will guide you through the steps to create a live boxwood tree using fresh cut boxwood and oasis. A great workshop to create a stunning statement for your holiday table or mantle.